Our Terroir

What a wonderful playground to make wines that reflect the character and passion of an entire family.

Our domain

Vendanges-2016 Pierre Amadieu

Our vineyard benefits from an exceptional situation with its diversity of terroirs and parcels that extend to the heights of Dentelles de Montmirail mountains.

Pierre Amadieu

Geological landmarks

It takes time to know each terroir, to express all its potentialities and to produce wines looking like it.


Carefully preserve our old vines, respect the landscapes, enhance each terroir, a family tradition in the pursuit of quality.

Vendanges 2018


Research of the perfect balance between the wine grower’s know-how and terroirs’ expression.

Our grape varieties

The combination of grape-variety and Mediterranean climate with these different types of soils and the freshness and delicacy of altitude, gives us generous, elegant, well balanced and long-on-the-palate wines.

Grenache Grape variety