We are fully committed to respecting the terroirs, landscape and traditional grapes varieties

For our family estate located in the far northeast of the appellation, on limestone and marl hillsides, the most important work is done at the vineyard. Throughout the seasons, we favour manual and traditional work in order to preserve this richness that allows us to make great wines.
Welcome to the heart of a preserved ecosystem where old vines, garrigue scrubland and holm oaks have lived side by side for many years.
Our vineyard is on average over 45 years old guaranteeing a very high quality. The old vines of the domain correspond to the first plantations of our grandfather. With less than a bottle per vine stock, these old vines require even more attention. We value manual and traditional labour, from pruning to harvest to make sure they get the best care.

To preserve carefully our old vines

The vineyard of Romane and La Machotte is planted according to the natural hillside topography of the estate. It is run as sustainably as possible and steep slopes are equipped with drainage or ground covered to limit the erosion.  Yields are limited (about 30 hectolitres per hectare) for an optimal concentration of aromas.
We do not hesitate to thin out buds, leaves or clusters to obtain an optimal ripening of the berries. Grapes are harvested by hand for a perfect sorting.

Discover our vineyard during spring time