Exceptional Terroirs

The most prestigious Rhone Valley growths are showcased in this range throught a series of single vineyard selections. These are our iconic wines, offering a faithful illustration of their vineyard sites. Extremely refined and elegant, these complex wines offer substantial ageability.

The expression of a terroir

Through this selection, we wanted to highlight exclusive cuvées. They all come from a very specific terroir, going as far as single vineyard selection, i.e. we particularly choose certain vines to be used in the composition of this wine. These plots are distinguished by the richness of their soil, from which the vines will be able to draw their nutrients in order to reveal all their typical characteristics. It is also associated with a very specific exposure and orientation. The expression of this terroir also depends on the winegrower’s know-how and the history of the appellation. Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Gigondas are precisely appellations steeped in history!

Wines for ageing

We offer you here wines that are both accessible as soon as they are launched on the market, but also ageable for a few years in the cellar. Indeed, these cuvées have enough structure to cope with ageing and they will be able to improve over time. Their terroir provides them different compounds, particularly phenolic compounds, which will contribute to this ageing capacity. Similarly, our winemaking techniques, with long vatting periods and ageing in tuns and oak casks, are assets to increase the ageing potential of these wines.

Wine ageing

In this selection, the wines have the particularity of having been aged in oak foudres and barrels. This brings structure and will enhance the richness of the wine, without erasing its typical character. We always ensure that the ageing process is of the highest possible quality to accompany the wine and provide it with incomparable finesse and a discreet oak note.