2017 vintage

The 2017 vintage was characterised by drought and summer heat, but our terroir has tempered these effects. 2017 has therefore delivered us beautiful grapes, with a good maturity, small fleshy berries, in perfect sanitary state, and with excellent potential. But this harvest was also characterized by a low yield.

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accord mets vins Pas de l'Aigle Gigondas fromage

During the first tastings, just after the fermentations and macerations, the 2017 vintage already showed this particular weather. The wines were solar and very concentrated although our Romane clays avoided too much water stress thanks to their water reserve. Of course we were already tasting beautiful fruits, but also slightly hard tannins and a full mouth.

We are now tasting them again, following their ageing which has been more than beneficial! We now enjoy harmonious wines that have gained in length. The ripe fruits are still there, accompanied by tannins that are very present, but which have become silky and pleasant. We can find similarities with the 2015 vintage, but the wines are less solar, less hot, and with darker fruits and firmer tannins. The wines of 2017 have less acidity than those of 2016, but they have a beautiful tannic structure that will allow them to easily pass the years.

The red wines of 2017 are nos slowly finishing their maturation and will soon be bottled. Some of them are already in bottle and we can taste well-balanced wines, with a beautiful structure, and roundness to coat it all! We are therefore very happy to rediscover this vintage in this new light, and we look forward to presenting it to you!