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La Paillousse


A bed of clays and sand covered with rolled pebbles, where the vine benefits at night from the heat stored during the day.


Grenache blanc, Roussanne, Bourboulenc and Clairette are harvested by hand at full maturity, then directly destemmed and pressed. The vinification and aging of 6 months take place in stainless steel vats.

Tasting notes

Bouquet both floral and fruit with white flesh (peach) slightly vanilla. A sweet and nervous white who knows how to keep a beautiful freshness.

Terroirs d?Exception

Varietal composition

60% Grenache blanc – 20% Clairette – 10% Roussanne – 10% Bourboulenc

Cellar potential

10 years


12 °C

Food Pairing

Companion of your parascades of fish, trays of seafood …

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Press & Awards

Vintage 2019
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