2016 vintage

2016 turns out to be a very good quality vintage in our hillsides of Romane and La Machotte.

Vendanges 2016 IMG_8493 Gigondas

The vinifications come to an end and the first tastings confirm what we expected during the harvest. 2016 turns out to be a very good quality vintage in our hillsides of Romane and La Machotte. However, the climatology of the past year gave us its share of surprises.

Vendanges 2016 IMG_0094 gigondas clairette

After a particularly mild winter, slightly rainy and not very sunny, we experienced a cool spring, with regular rainfalls and then no rain from June 18 to September 14 (a rare phenomenon in Gigondas, where it often rains around July 14 and August 15). A hot and dry summer thus settled down until the harvest, but the nights remained relatively cool. And finally, while we could fear the effects of the drought, the ripening of the grapes went well. The berries remained small, giving rather loose bunches, but with very colourful and concentrated grapes, with a very fruity pulp (and in perfect sanitary conditions).

Vendanges 2016 IMG_0050 gigondas

The first tastings show fleshy wines with a very nice aromatic intensity, strong colours and silky tannins. The originality of this vintage lies in the fact that maturation and concentration took place together, offering beautiful acidity and therefore the promise of a great potential for ageing.

film Vendanges 2016 Gigondas Pierre Amadieu

The sun has accompanied us throughout the harvest and we took advantage of this opportunity to make a short video that will plunge you into the heart of the estate, during the particular atmosphere of the harvest, an intense period for the whole team. Lovers of our terroir will be able to recognize the cliffs of Le Pas de L’ Aigle and the cellar of Romane, with shots taken by drone. To watch it, click here.