Vintage 2015

Seen by many as an exceptional vintage, we confirm that the climatic conditions were gathered to achieve great wines in Gigondas as well as in the entire Rhône Valley.

Vendanges 2015 Cairanne

Spring was hot, which allowed a good start, with sufficient water reserves thanks to the previous autumn rains. The season continued with a hot summer in June and July, followed by a cooler August with rare showers, which prevented the grapes from blocking their ripening. The harvest then proceeded with a perfect weather : we harvested magnificent grapes in perfect sanitary condition and with an almost unbelievable regularity of ripeness for our old hillside vines.

Vendanges 2015 Cairanne 3

We started harvesting grapes in the Cairanne vineyard on September 4th, with white grape varieties: Clairette, Grenache blanc and Roussanne… Golden as it could be, we would have eaten them on the spot!

In the Gigondas hillsides, we then waited until September 16th to harvest the Clairette, one week ahead of 2014.

We then continued with the red grape varieties in the hillsides. The maturity was perfect. The harvest lasted until October 8th.

Vendanges 2015 IMG_7926 Gigondas

We had a fabulous vintage in our hands and the winemaking went very well.

This beautiful harvest gave birth to magnificent wines. Even if the wines are still very young, they have a splendid aromatic freshness, with delicacy, a balanced mouth and silky tannins. In short, we can't help but advice you our 2015, to drink now or age in your cellar for few years.

2015 is a vintage that will remain remembered in the vine growers' memories. Some photos of the harvest there...