2020 Vintage

The 2020 vintage was particularly early, but without a heat peak, resulting in wines that are already very accessible.

Harvest 2020

The main thing we remember about this vintage is its earliness. From bud break at the end of March, and throughout the season until harvest, the grapes were between 15 days and a week earlier than in previous vintages.

Another notable feature of our Romane and La Machotte hillsides in Gigondas for this 2020 vintage are the low yields. This is due to the dryness of the previous summer and spring, and a frost strike just after bud break.

The rest of the season went smoothly, with hot and dry weather, but without any heat spikes unlike previous years. This is reflected in the wines which, although they are sunny, are not scorching. The summer nights remained cool and allowed the grapes to reach good ripeness. However, the acids in the berries were quickly degraded by the heat and the Mistral. But surprisingly the wines remain well balanced.

During the vinification, the tasting of the first juices revealed a beautiful concentration with smooth tannins.

Following the ageing process, we discover wines of a very good quality with a lot of freshness and finesse. Indeed, the wines of the 2020 vintage do not have the concentration of the previous vintages, but they show more suppleness and elegance. They are not necessarily wines made for long ageing but they are accessible from their youth, with lots of fruit and juicyness.

We can only recommend the wines of the 2020 vintage, which will delight you as soon as they are released!

Vintage 2020

2020 Vintage press review

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