Harvests & Vintages

Vendanges 2017 DJI_0167 Gigondas

Harvests 2017

The harvest ends in Gigondas, the 2017 vintage gives us beautiful grapes, with a beautiful maturity, small fleshy berries, in a perfect state of health, and with an excellent potential…

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film Vendanges 2016 Gigondas Pierre Amadieu

2016 vintage

2016 seems to be a very beautiful vintage in our vineyards. We took advantage of it to shoot a video.

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vendanges 2008_66 Gigondas Pierre Amadieu

2008 Harvest

Thursday, october 16th 2008 The last cuts of secateurs has been given this afternoon, in the heights of Romane. The

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Vendanges 2006

2006 Vintage

It was the coldest winter for these last 15 years, with a pluviometric deficit which was not compensated in spring.

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Cave Machotte Foudre Gigondas Pierre Amadieu

2005 Vintage

For Gigondas, 2005 was warm, but without the heat of 2003. It differs especially by the absence of rainfall throughout

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